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Welcome to Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL, the place where you and your loved one can find help to break the cycle of addiction. Getting professional help from one the qualified staff at Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL may be the answer for your struggles. Our rehab facilities offer a professional addiction treatment program to help overcome physical and psychological dependence on alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications. Patients will go through several stages of recovery that will help break the cycle of addiction and get his or her life back on track.

Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL includes several steps of recovery in each program:

• Assessment and evaluation
• Pharmacotherapy
• Counseling
Alternative treatment
• Aftercare programs

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Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Programs

There are two basic addiction treatment programs: inpatient and outpatient. With an inpatient program individuals in recovery stay permanently at the facility while receiving support and treatment for their addiction. During outpatient care patients receive treatment during the day and return home at night. Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL offers compassionate care to every patient after an extensive evaluation to determine their needs.

Several factors to think about before determining which type of program is better for the individual are:

  • How long the individual has been addicted to the substance
  • Whether or not the patient has received rehabilitation in the past
  • The presence of other medical disorders
  • Responsibilities at work or with family
  • Ability to avoid a relapse without constant professional assistance

Rehab Programs

For an individual quitting cold turkey it might often result in failure. Residential rehab facilities have more probability of recovery for addicts. Patients at Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL are able to stop under the watchful eye of professionals as well as receive medical support to help alleviate the pain that may come during the withdrawal process. The most common recovery programs available are:

Medical detox: This is the process that cleanses the body of the residuals of these addictive substances. Prescription medications or sedation is available to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. The patient is watched during this process in order to make it safe.

Medical care: Patients at these recovery facilities will receive medical treatment for any health or psychological issues they may be struggling with.

Behavioral modification therapy: Therapy at these rehab centers takes place in both individual and group sessions. Family therapy is also available to mend relationships with family members and friends.

To determine which rehab treatment program is better for you, call Drug Treatment Centers Peoria IL at (309) 550-9698.

About Peoria, IL

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