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What is Alternative Addiction Treatment?

In this day and age, a growing number of people seeking assistance for a substance abuse problem turn to alternative addiction treatment options. Indeed, many more mainstream addiction treatment facilities and recovery programs are incorporating alternative addiction treatment into their overall therapeutic regimens.

Alternative addiction treatment incorporates complimentary therapeutic practices into an overall recovery program. Alternative addiction treatment is akin to alternative medicine more broadly. Alternative addiction treatment commonly is referred to as a holistic approach to recovery.

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Alternative Adduction Treatment Options

Available alternative treatment for drug addiction options are extensive at this juncture in the 21 st century. Indeed, the list if alternative drug treatment programs and options is expanding on a constant basis.

Historically, art therapy represents one of the earlier forays into what might be considered an alternative addiction treatment option. With that note, art therapy has become highly mainstream in the overall addiction treatment and recovery arena. A majority of substance abuse treatment centers incorporate art therapy in their overall programming.

Equine therapy is another alternative treatment regimen that has been utilized for an extended period of time. Highly regarded facilities like the world-renowned Menninger Foundation have been using equine therapy as a treatment tool for decades. As the moniker indicates, equine therapy is a treatment regimen that involves patients in working with horses. This includes caring for and tiding them.

In more recent years, a variety of other alternative drug treatment programs have become more widespread. These include yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy. In addition, a significant focus has been placed on nutrition and recovery, with greater focus beginning in the 1980s and 1990s.

During that same time period, biofeedback became a more widely utilized addiction treatment modality. Indeed, biofeedback is now utilized as a freestanding treatment technique but also in conjunction with other options like yoga.

Why Some Individuals Respond Better to Alternative Treatment

A number of reasons exist as to why some people respond better to alternative treatment regimens. For example, alternative treatments are capable to being highly individualized to the needs, goals and objectives of a particular individual.

Another reason why some individuals respond better to alternative treatment rests in the fact that the different regimens are non-threatening approaches to therapy. For example, caring for and riding horses or participating in an art project are enjoyable on the surface and do not threaten a patient emotionally.

Why a Holistic Approach Combined with Traditional Treatment Methods Works

As mentioned previously, in this day and age a majority of substance addiction treatment facilities and programs are combining holistic or alternative treatment practices with traditional approaches. This is proving beneficial for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is important to understand that detox alone is not enough to lay a decent foundation for recovery and sobriety. Detoxification is crucial when a person has a significant problem with a mind altering substances. However, detox is akin to cleaning out the garbage in a room. It does not put that room back in order. That is the objective of holistic and traditional addiction treatment regimens.

In addition, holistic and traditional approaches to addiction treatment complement one another. For example, a person can attend a talk therapy session, which has the potential for revving up emotions. Following such a session, a person in treatment can access yoga or massage therapy (or even art therapy) as a means of unwinding from a strident talk therapy session. Through this process, a person becomes less apprehensive about talk therapy and is able to more quickly put the results of even a challenging session into a proper and useful perspective.

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