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Understanding the true nature of addiction can be very important to recovering from it. The better informed you are, the more clearly you will see how exactly you entered a state of addiction, which will help you see the logic of an effective and scientifically proven way of freeing yourself from it, such as drug rehab. Good information will help you stay clear of the traps of guilt or other needless digressions that turn out to be counterproductive.

Drug rehab centers often need to work hard with their patients to free them of misguided ideas about how addiction works. Here are a few myths about heroin addiction, drug rehab, and information about what the truth really is.

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Fiction: “Heroin isn’t that dangerous when it’s snorted.”

Smoking or snorting a drug certainly makes it less dangerous as far as its potential for HIV transmission goes. Far too many people end up addicted and in drug rehab because they misunderstand what it means when people claim that snorted heroin isn’t dangerous.

When it comes to addictive potential, hard drugs like heroin are dangerous, no matter how they are taken. Even if snorting precludes the risk of infection through HIV-infected needles, drug highs often lower inhibitions and natural caution. People often freely place themselves in risky sexual situations when they are caught up in a high.

Fiction: “Heroin is bad, but methadone is worse.”

Methadone, the chemical used to treat heroin addiction, has received some bad press over the past few years as a highly addictive drug itself. The fact that methadone is addictive makes it seem as if doctors are trying to simply replace one addiction with another. In truth, though, methadone is only addictive if it is administered carelessly. In reputable clinics, methadone is offered as medication under carefully controlled circumstances so that patients do not become addicted. Potential for addiction isn’t the same as actual addiction.

Fiction: “Willpower is all you really need to quit heroin.”

Twelve-step programs that help in recovery from heroin have patients admit their powerlessness in the face of addiction. To many, this often seems defeatist. They can’t imagine why strong will isn’t the main component of recovery from addiction.

In truth, though, the admission of powerlessness isn’t about giving up, or a lack of will; it’s a statement of fact. Powerlessness doesn’t imply giving up. Rather, it merely acknowledges that strong-arming one’s way out of addiction doesn’t work. Willpower is important in the way one commits to a scientifically designed recovery program.

This is a familiar concept: when one suffers from depression, obsessiveness or any other mental disorder, merely determining to be normal rarely works. Strength of will only matters as far as it helps one find a good treatment option, and stay the course. One study done by the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, for example, finds that the acknowledgement of powerlessness approach is far more effective than the strong-arming approach.

Fiction: “Drug rehabilitation only works half the time.”

Depending on the quality of the addiction rehab center, relapse rates rarely cross 35%. At any good, scientifically run rehab center, relapse rates for heroin addictions are usually in the low single digits.

Fiction: “Drug rehab takes months and months.”

Certainly, when you speak to a reputable drug rehab center, they will try hard not to set you up with false hopes. You will hear that you need to stay with the program for six months or more. In truth, though, intensive addiction treatment rarely lasts longer than a month. Past this period, you will be in follow-up therapy. During this time you are free to pick up with your life where you left off. Considering how much drug use wastes time, a month of intensive therapy is a small price to pay.

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